Missing Classmates
Posted Saturday, February 9, 2019 12:00 PM

Hi Class!

I'm looking over this list of missing classmates and it is just hard to believe it could be so long in this day and age!  Will you please look at it with me and let's see if we can find some of these folks?  In some cases, as in the case of Mr. Keith Acuff..he is my FB friend so he is not really MISSING! But, he isn't registered on this site.  I copied the website link and send me a DM on FB and asked him to join.  Maybe you will find someone else like that.  

I would like to make this forum very active in the next few months as we approach our reunion.  I am looking forward to it and excited to see you all.  You are probably like me and nervous about not recognizing people!  After 40 years things just are hanging the same anymore right?  LOL  All the more reason to connect ahead of time and see all those beautiful faces in advance so when you come face to face, you will be reaching out for a big ole hug (and kiss?)!  :)  

I LOVED Kevin Abbott and tried looking for that guy but I have no clue.  Isn't there anyone out there that knows his whereabouts?

Sometimes you can just Google a person and what you know about him/her and you will get a hit.  If you know anything about Kevin that would help me find him, please email me at rivervalleytx@gmai.com or send through this forum. Let's not send too much personal info through the forum but general info is ok!  I would love to get a phone call too if better for you.  979-255-0702.  Ok, I'll be back in touch soon.