William Joy

Profile Updated: August 17, 2014
Residing In: Toms River, NJ USA
Spouse/Partner: Dorothy
Occupation: Quality Manager
Children: Eric born 1994
What years did you attend Brazoswood?

Junior year '77-'78
Senior year '78-'79

In which school activities did you participate at Brazoswood?

Journalism Staff - Yearbook or paper

What are your memories of high school?

I moved to LJ my Junior year and didnt know anyone. My time at BWood was a bit strange but its nice to remember the small group of friends. The School Newspaper and Yearbook was my only tie into the mainstream. I enjoyed photographing the school events and sports.

Did you ever skip school?

Only once I think?

Did you have a nickname in high school?


What did you do right after high school?

worked at Lake Jackson Hobby & Crafts, then went to Dallas to attend Devry Institute of Technology. returned home to work at Intermedics until it was sold.

Where else have you lived?

Atlanta, GA
Toms River, NJ

What did you always want to do that you haven’t done yet?

Retire, work at the Masters Golf Tournament,

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Work for PGA, LPGA, USGA golf events

What is your favorite book?


What is your favorite movie?

Star Wars, Caddy Shack, Coal Miners Daughter (at the drive in, dont remember much about the movie)

Biggest thing you would do differently if you went back to your time at BHS?

study! without a degree, my career has been a struggle.

Do you have any good stories about classmates?

My first day at BWood, I was introduced to Mr. Hunt and was touring the photo dark room when Kelli Walton came busting throught door calling my name. To my supprise, Mr Hunt had told her that Bill was in the dark room (I guess that I was not the Bill that she was expecting). Friends then and now.

I made many trips to the fairgrounds for their Saturday night dances. Debbie Scruggs was a regular and there always seemed to be a small group but I dont remember who. It was always hot and I always left completely soaked in sweat. I dont know how we ever slow danced without slipping off of each other. Debbie also introduced me to Rocky Horror Picture Show (only saw it 15 times)

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